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Library Prospectus
Welcome from the Library Director

To those who wish to thrive in this Information Age; to learn how to find authoritative information efficiently, using technology or otherwise; for study, research, and practical daily or professional use; to augment existing knowledge; or to find a quiet refuge from daily existence, the University of the Western Cape Library is the place for you.

Its four walls do not circumscribe the reach of knowledge to be gained. The Library aims to serve as a comprehensive gateway to global knowledge using not only the Internet and the physical sources of information within the library, but also a myriad of databases related to academic programs in the university. With technology, the library becomes virtual and not confined by space and time. Its resources are available during all hours of the day and the night.

The University of the Western Cape Library has been extensively renovated with comfortable, open and well-lit spaces, with networked PCs distributed throughout.

I invite you all to come, visit and see for yourself. The library staff and I would be delighted to welcome you anytime you are in our area.

Dr Shirlene Neerputh

UWC Library Director

UWC Library Services:
Empowering Through Knowledge

Vision: To be a strategic partner recognised for our excellence in innovative and relevant library services.

Mission: To enrich the learning, teaching and research experience by providing relevant resources and expertise to enable academic success and enhance UWC’s standing.


  • STRATEGIC GOAL 1: Having the right capabilities to deliver the vision
  • STRATEGIC GOAL 2: Leverage best-practice technologies to facilitate innovative learning, teaching and research experiences
  • STRATEGIC GOAL 3: Collaborate internally and externally to benchmark, advocate and assess relevant needs and practices
  • STRATEGIC GOAL 4: Offering physical and virtual spaces that promote a flexible learning environment
  • STRATEGIC GOAL 5: Secure financial sustainability through appropriate funding models


To achieve this mission, the Library will pursue the following strategic goals for the period 2015-2019:

  • To provide UWC students with a meaningful and stimulating university experience through a strategic approach to student enrolment management and the provision of enabling and relevant co-curriculum opportunities.

  • To provide opportunities for an excellent learning and teaching experience that is contextually responsive to the challenges of globalisation and of a society in transition, and which enhances the students’ capacities to be change agents in the 21st century.

  • To strengthen UWC’s position as an excellent research and innovation university with local relevance, regional impact and global recognition.

  • To increasingly position UWC as a higher education employer of choice through a supportive work environment and an institutional culture that embraces diversity, inclusivity and excellence and that is resilient amidst contextual challenges in support of the institutional vision and strategic goals.
  • To strengthen and diversify UWC’s financial base with a view to the financial sustainability needed to support UWC’s academic mandate and deliver on our strategic priorities.

  • To shape the internal and external standing and profile of UWC as a vibrant, research-led institution through the use of various communication and marketing strategies.

  • To develop the campus and strategically influence the development of surrounding areas, and to develop and maintain modern, coherent physical and ICT infrastructure.

  • To give effective leadership at all levels in order to maintain and develop a vibrant and viable institution of high repute supported by strong governance and management practices.


UWC Library Services:
Empowering Through Knowledge