impact factor11Measuring Your Research Impact: Overview of Research Metrics

Use this guide to find information about:
  • Overview of Research Metrics
  • Journal Impact Factor •Author Impact (h-index)
  • Researcher Profile & Alternative Metrics

The Purpose of this Guide

This guide presents the tools that are available to measure the quantitative and qualitative impact of research; as well as how to track researcher impact.


Why Measure Research Impact

biblioQuantitative methods such as citation counts, journal impact factors and researcher specific metrics, such as the h-index, provide a means of measuring research impact.

These research metrics can be used:

  • to support applications for grant funding
  • to support applications for promotion
  • by a researcher to maintain their own research profile
  • in a Department and for Faculty reviews

Data that is used for measuring research impact includes:

Researcher metrics

Number of times a researcher is cited

Number of publications

Article Metrics

  • Number of times an article is cited
  • Using Altmetrics, such as page views, downloads and blog post about an article

Journal metrics

  • Number of articles published in a journal each year
  • Number of journals in a subject area
  • Cited half-life of journals


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