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The Library Bindery offers binding services to UWC students completing theses/dissertations at competitive prices and a maximum 10 day turnaround, depending on the time of year.

Students from other institutions may also use the UWC binding service for their dissertations.

If payment is to be made via your department, we require departmental authorization on the binding order form prior to placing your order with the bindery.

The Bindery offers two types of binding services.


Hardcover thesis binding

  • University standards ie. Double-fan adhesive, trimmed, hardbound cover in vinyl bookcloth, plus glod lettering on spine and front of cover.
  • Service may take up to 10 working days.
  • Costs are R120.00 per  volume.
  • Supplying a shortened or alternative title of your work for the spines of the bound copies, if your title, last name and year of the thesis/dissertation approval exceeds 60 characters ( including spaces). This restriction is set in place by the bindery. Also, special characters cannot be supported by the bindery.


Soft  binding (temporary)

  • A temporary or soft binding is an inexpensive and quick way of binding your work for examination purposes.
  • This form of binding allows you to make corrections without having to do a complete reprint of your work as individual pages can be removed, amended and then rebound.
  • Temporary binding is a 30 minute while-you-wait service.
  • We use a ring-bound method for pages up to 290.
  • We also use a glue-based method for thicker volumes and provide a same-day service depending on what time the copies are dropped off. TTransparent cover, light card backboard and cloth spine.
  • Cost for ring-bound varies from R10.00 to R20.00 per volume. Glue-based volumes are R50.00 each.


Colour Charts

Please note that these colours are representative only. For exact colour matching, please visit the Bindery Department.

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None of our services need pre-booking, just bring your work along to us at the Library bindery when it is ready. Please make sure you check your work, as we start the binding process almost straight away, and it is normally not possible to make changes to page or text order without additional charges being incurred. We are happy to bind additional copies you need for your own use and departmental, both hard and soft.


Temporary Binding
Standard (glue-based)    : R50.00 each
Ring-bound clear front    :R10.00 to R20.00 each


Hard Binding
10 day service:
1-10 copies    R120.00 per copy


Digital Printing
Black and white    :R0.40 per page
Colour        :R3.00 per page
Printed on 80gsm white silk bond paper


Work carried out for students and staff of the University can be collected from the bindery on the 3rd level of the main library. Students will be contacted via email to collect their bound copies when it has been completed.

Submission Information for Postgraduate Students


Students wishing to have their dissertation bound can request this through the downloadable form (PDF, 372KB, opens in new window).


See the binding options pricing and delivery page for more information.

Thesis (print and electronic) are submitted to the library Bindery as follows:

  • 1 unbound print copy (compulsory)
  • Electronic version on CD or DVD (compulsory from 2009)
  • Letter from the Post Graduate and International Office Student Administration.
  • Paid receipt (yellow) from Student Financial Services. The binding fees must be paid at Student Financial Services located on the ground floor of the Student Administration Building. NOTE: If your thesis/dissertation exceeds 70mm thick, please contact the bindery before you pay for binding in case extra fees are required.

Binding Service Office Hours
The UWC thesis/dissertation binding service is located in the Main Library on the 3rd level. You are welcome to drop off or pick up your thesis copies during the following times:
Monday to Friday        8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.

For any questions about thesis/dissertation submission and binding process, please contact:
Mr Errol Solomon
Head of Bindery
Tel: 021 959 2915
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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