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UWC Bindery is located in the Main Library on the 3rd level.  It provides a specialist binding service to departments wishing to reinforce working documents or other materials being retained for records keeping processes.  
Repairs to damaged books are also undertaken by request.

The Binding department at the Library offers a variety of services:


Theses and Dissertations


Printing and binding of paper theses is now limited to requests from academic departments and are subject to payment via departmental account and provision of an entity number.  Such requests should be accompanied by a departmental email or letterhead.  No cash payments for binding should be levied or accepted.  
Please note that the library is no longer printing and binding student work for the library or as personal copies in view of the fact that the focus has shifted to the curation of electronic theses via the library ETD at   Graduating students will be invited to submit their thesis electronically via the submission portal at



The following are brief descriptions of the types of bindings



Hardcover thesis binding

  • University standards ie. Double-fan adhesive, trimmed, hardbound cover in vinyl bookcloth, plus gold lettering on spine and front of cover.
  • Service may take up to 10 working days.
  • Costs are R350.00 per A4 volume; R250 for A5 volume; R550 for A3 volume.
  • Length of text for gold lettering may not exceed 60 characters.
  • Special characters cannot be reproduced.


Quarter binding (Journal binding) with boards

  • A4    R230.00
  • A5    R180.00
  • A3    R350.00


Soft  binding (temporary)

  • Temporary binding is a 30 minute while-you-wait service. Cost for ring-bound varies from R10.00 to R20.00 per volume
  • We use a ring-bound method for up to 290 pages.
  • We also use a glue-based method for thicker volumes and provide a same-day service depending on what time the copies are dropped off. Transparent cover, light card backboard and cloth spine (Board with glued spine, R120)
  • A temporary or soft binding is an inexpensive and quick way of binding work for examination purposes.
  • This form of binding permits corrections without having to do a complete reprint of your work as individual pages can be removed, amended and then rebound.
  • Cost for ring-bound varies from R10.00 to R20.00 per volume. Glue-based volumes are R50.00 each.


Colour Charts

Please note that these colours are representative only. For exact colour matching, please visit the Bindery Department.

colour chart


Binding Service Office Hours
Monday to Friday        8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.



Place your binding order by filling out the THESIS BINDING ORDER FORM. Send the order form with your thesis copy(s) and departmental authorisation letterhead to the bindery. Please note that binding will only commence once full payment has been received.


For any questions about thesis/dissertation submission and binding process, please contact:
Mr Alvino Pegram
Head of Bindery
Tel: 021 959 2915
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Restoration and Repairs

Often you find that your favourite book, notes or textbooks through repeated use start to "wear and tear". The Binding department offers you a cost effective method of restoring and repairing these items to good condition.  Although, damage done by use of tapes and staples may be irreversible and or costly to repair, the Binding department can repair or restore almost any old book to its original condition. Where paper is beyond repair or restoration, we can make presentation boxes to store them in.

Journal Binding

The Binding department avails the service of binding Journals which are quarter bound with gold/black lettering embossed on the spine to any internal clients such as academic departments at UWC and external clients which include public or private organisations.

Cutting Services

The Binding department has a large guillotine which cleanly slices through all paper and board. We cut your tickets, cards or bookmarks to any size you need. Crop marks or cut lines are appreciated and requested so we can see where exactly you would like the cuts to be made.


We have special padding glue for creating routing slip pads, memo pads and note pads. Padding may also be useful to you for keeping a stack of identical forms together; pages can be torn off one by one as needed. A standard pad has 100 sheets. Instead of immediately recycling your single-sided scrap paper, re-use it first! Send it to us with a printing requisition and we’ll cut it down and make it into scratch pads for you.

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