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Login Problems

Off campus access to University resources using the Ezproxy website is often hampered by incorrect passwords or access restrictions for the service.
In an attempt to assist with the strain on staff resources, the ICS team has created a new password management portal for students and staff.  The site is reasonably self explanatory and the prerequisites are stated up front on the site

Please note that users must be able to log in to their UWC assigned email account before they can use this system to change their password.  A link is emailed to their UWC email address which enables them to change their password.
Access restrictions are still in place on the ezproxy service.  Some of these are noted below:
  1. If a username exceeds the use of 500 MB of data within 12 hours, the username gets blocked for 12 hours.  The username will then be automatically cleared for access after 12 hours.
  2. A username gets blocked for 60 minutes if the incorrect password gets used 20 times within 24 hours.  The username must not be use for 60 minutes only then will the username automatically be cleared for access.
  3. The ip address of the computer gets blocked for 15 mins if the incorrect password gets used 10 times within 5 mins.  The user should not attempt to log in for 15 mins and then the ip address will be automatically cleared for access.
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